Construction Accidents: Beyond Workers' Comp

It is no secret that New York City construction sites are dangerous. Statistically speaking, the construction industry has the highest percentage of work-related accidents. The inherent risks are understood, but this should do not provide an excuse for abject negligence or provide cover for people who fail to provide proper safety for workers and the public.

If someone else's mistake or carelessness has left you unable to work or catastrophically injured, you deserve to be compensated. While you are likely aware of workers' compensation, you may not realize that there is another avenue for recovering the financial aid you need during this difficult time: a third-party personal injury claim.

Maximizing Compensation For Construction Worker Injuries

Third-party personal injury claims are claims against a negligent party who caused or contributed to an injury. This is entirely separate from pursuing a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

Examples include pursuing a claim against the manufacturer of malfunctioning equipment or seeking compensation from a negligent driver who causes an accident while transporting construction materials.

This is in addition to claims under Labor Laws Sections 200, 240 (1) and 241 (6), which require property owners, general contractors and their agents to provide a safe work environment, protect against falls from heights (including ladders and scaffolding) and exercise proper supervision over construction areas.

Put A Proven NYC Lawyer On Your Side

If you have been injured in a construction accident, you have nothing to lose by having an attorney review your case for the possibility of a third-party claim. You have a lot to lose if you do not. Contact my Manhattan office today for a free consultation.