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Children suffer personal injury in New York accident

Most people realize and accept that accidents happen. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding a motor vehicle collision, however, all parties involved are required to remain at the scene. However, police in New York claim that one of the drivers involved in a recent crash that caused two children to suffer personal injury fled the scene.

Police report that they receive a called about an accident one afternoon on a day in mid-October. At the scene, they discovered a vehicle that had turned over. Two children in the vehicle were transported to the hospital where they are said to be in stable condition.

New York car accident results in personal injury, fatalities

Passengers in a vehicle place their trust in the driver. They expect that the driver will take measures to ensure their safety, including abstaining from drugs and alcohol, taking proper measures to avoid becoming fatigued and avoiding distracting actions such as texting while driving. Unfortunately, accidents in New York can often have drastic consequences, leaving a victim suffering from a personal injury or a family grieving an unexpected loss.

Unfortunately, the details of a recent accident in New York that left two people in the hospital and two people dead remains under investigation. According to reports, the incident occurred at approximately 5:30 a.m. on a day in October. Reports indicate that a car driven by a 17-year-old male struck a fire hydrant and a tree.

New York personal injury claim results in $71 million award

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident likely knows that even a relatively minor incident can create serious aches and pains. Unfortunately, victims of major crashes in New York often suffer for the rest of their lives. A jury in New York has recently awarded the victim of a car crash over $70 million in a personal injury lawsuit.

The incident that led to the woman's injuries happened in an accident that occurred in Aug. 2012. According to reports, a man was driving a sports utility vehicle when he fell asleep. As a result, the vehicle crossed into oncoming traffic, striking a van. A 94-year-old woman in the van passed away, while the driver and a second passenger were transported the hospital.

What is a common carrier?

A common carrier is a business that focuses on carrying people or goods from one place to another. Vehicles like buses, trains and taxicabs are common carrier vehicles. In some places, even roller coasters are common carrier vehicles. Businesses that run these carriers are responsible for keeping their fleets in good condition and for getting people to their destinations safely.

Common carriers are liable for any injuries passengers suffer if the injured party can show that the carrier was negligent. For example, all carriers are required to uphold the standards of safety required by the industry. Failing to warn passengers about potential hazards or dangerous conditions could lead to liability lawsuits.

Man suffers brain injuries in New York motorcycle crash

The body works in miraculous ways. However, brain injuries are often difficult from which to recover. Even those who survive an injury to their head may face long-term physical and mental consequences as a result. Unfortunately, a man in New York is in critical condition following a motorcycle crash.

The incident happened one day in September. According to reports, the injured victim was riding on the back of a dirt bike that was taking part of what reports described as "a mass motorcycle ride." Unfortunately, the motorcycle reportedly slammed into the back of a vehicle that was attempting a turn.

Family claims shooting was police misconduct

There is no question that the police have difficult jobs. They are often tasked with inserting themselves between two clashing sides and disarming those with guns or other lethal weapons. Unfortunately, stories alleging police misconduct in New York and across the country seem to fill the media these days. For example, a family in another state recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit after their son was reportedly shot and run over in an incident involving police officers.

Police say that on a night in early June they received a call about a man with a gun. The officers involved in the case claim they came upon a 20-year-old man with what appeared to be a gun. The officer driving reportedly jumped out of the vehicle, failing to put the car into park. The victim was shot multiple times before he was run over by the car. The gun the man had was a toy.

New York fight leads to brain injuries; lawsuit settled

Many professional athletes spend a great deal of their time training for their next performance. While they are likely aware of their chances of suffering an injury, most have confidence in the fact that adequate medical care providers will be on scene to help. Unfortunately, the family of a boxer claims that such was not the case after a fight in New York resulted in brain injuries.

The fight occurred in New York in Nov. 2013. The plaintiff, a 36-year-old man, lost the fight in a unanimous decision. He was seriously injured in the bout. Despite post-fight medicals being performed, he was not sent to the hospital by ambulance. Instead, he made his way there on his own in a taxi.

Man alleges police misconduct after years in prison

Police in New York and across the country are supposed to be the people who are there to help following a crime. Most are dedicated to finding the truth and seeking justice. However, there are others who are unscrupulous in the pursuit of a guilty verdict, sometimes resulting in a wrongful conviction. Victims of these actions are often left wondering how to respond to such police misconduct.

One man in another state has recently made the decision to seek justice in a civil court. He was arrested and convicted of murder in 2001. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison and served 15 years of his sentence before he was released.

3 things you should know about skull fractures

When you hit your head in the car accident, you knew it was sore. What you didn't initially realize was that you'd suffered a skull fracture. That fracture left you open to infection and swelling and fluid buildup around your brain, which could result in serious complications.

There are different kinds of skull fractures, and understanding the kind you have and the prognosis is important for your claim. Understanding your ability to heal and recover, along with the time it will take to do so, helps you and your attorney better know how much to seek in compensation for your injuries.

Personal injury: 6 injured after SUV hits New York laundromat

Many people in New York and across the country use weekends to get caught up on chores such as laundry. Most of the time, trips to the laundromat are relatively uneventful. However, reports indicate that at least six people suffered injuries when a sports utility vehicle plowed into a building. The driver of that vehicle could face numerous personal injury claims as a result.

The incident happened on a day in early September. A 74-year-old man was reportedly leaving a nearby grocery store when he reversed into the laundromat at a high rate of speed.  Reports indicate that there were eight people in the business at the time of the accident.