Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are often referred to as the "silent epidemic" because they are more common than people realize. Most people are surprised to learn that more TBIs are diagnosed per year than spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, and breast cancer, combined. Three typical factors add to the complexity of recognizing and treating them: Brain injuries are frequently hard to recognize because their symptoms are varied due to each person's brain being unique; they are often masked by other injuries; and too many people, including healthcare professionals, are not properly trained to detect them. When someone's wrongful conduct causes injuries that include a TBI, it is important to find an attorney who understands them because, too often, these injuries have far reaching affects on the injured person's life. In this law firm we are strong advocates for those who suffered brain injuries, which includes working hard to ensure you and your family understand the injury and receive the help you need.

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About Mr. Sheindlin

Gregory Sheindlin is dedicated and qualified to protect and enforce your individual rights. His career began as a prosecutor in Manhattan and later as a trial attorney for insurance companies. Since entering private practice over 15 years ago, he has used his experience to help individual clients that were victimized by the wrongful conduct of government and/or private defendants. His representation has resulted in multi-million dollar awards as well as clients' satisfaction from holding wrongdoers accountable. Mr. Sheindlin is also proud to be a recognized member of the Million Dollar and Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

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