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Tips to stay focused behind the wheel

Driving, especially in New York, can be very dangerous. This is why it is important to stay focused behind the wheel. While cellphone use has brought distracted driving to the forefront when it comes to accident causes, the reality is that anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road is a distraction.

In the few seconds that it takes you to change the radio station in your car, you could become involved in an accident that you might have been able to avoid if you had not taken your eyes off the road.

Is a plea bargain appropriate in your case?

There are many decisions that come when you are facing criminal charges of all sorts. One of the first ones you will be presented with is what plea you want to enter in your case. This might not seem like a major decision but it really is.

There are three pleas that you can enter in a criminal case. You can plead no contest, which means you don't admit guilt but you do admit that the prosecution has enough evidence to lead to a conviction. You can plead guilty, which means that you admit you did the crime. You can plead not guilty, which means that you aren't saying that you committed the crime. Defendants usually choose to plead not guilty and move on from there.

3 tips to help you negotiate with an insurance adjuster

Imagine driving across New York on your way to work when suddenly, out of nowhere, another driver runs a red light and slams into the side of your car. Now, you have to miss work, figure out where to take your car for repairs and make a trip to the doctor to have your injuries assessed. The was certainly not how you intended to start your week.

Once you start the claims process with the other driver's insurance company, you will have to talk with the insurance adjuster. This person will attempt to assess the damage to your car and other property and offer you a settlement. Fortunately, you do not have to accept the first offer. With these tips, you can successfully negotiate with the insurance adjuster.

Sports Can Combat Addiction And Crime

Drug addiction can not only wreak havoc on someone's personal and professional life, it can also lead to criminal charges. For example, someone who was injured in a construction accident through no fault of their own could become addicted to prescribe opioid painkillers.

When the prescription runs out, sometimes the pain persists, and people seek out heroin or other hard drugs to self-medicate. When getting access to the drug becomes more important than anything else, sometimes people turn to robbery or other crimes to get the money they need to buy drugs. It can be a vicious cycle.

Falling ice from buildings can cause injuries and property damage

Most people know that winter in New York has a unique set of risk factors. Controlling a vehicle after snow fall or a melt and freeze cycle is more difficult. Sidewalks and parking lots, as well as foyers to buildings, become dangerous places where you could slip and fall. There's also the potential threat of falling ice from one of the massive buildings around town.

While many people understand that icy sidewalks are the responsibility of building owners, fewer realize that falling ice is also the responsibility of property owners or managers. After all, those on the streets and sidewalks have no ability to remove the ice from those buildings. When people get hurt by falling ice, there may be grounds for a premises liability claim and a personal injury lawsuit.

You may experience pain well after a car accident

In many instances, car accidents cause injuries that victims do not feel at first. These injuries may remain hidden for hours or even days, but once they do cause pain, it is often overwhelming.

Delayed pain injuries may cause many kinds of pain, some of which may indicate serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. Even if a particular victim's injuries are not ultimately very serious, it is not always possible to know the severity of the injury without a proper medical examination.

Ways you might be committing health care fraud

As a doctor in New York, you are probably used to hectic days where, by the time you are leaving for the day, it is hard to tell up from down. While you devote your full attention to every patient in order to provide the healing they need, you may rush through the administrative part of the job.

Unfortunately, if you or your staff are consistently making billing errors, you could end up facing a health care fraud charge. The following are a few ways you might be committing fraud as a medical professional.

Police misbehavior includes unlawful arrest and excessive force

In many situations, people are glad to see police. When you call for help because of a motor vehicle collision or an intruder in your home, those flashing lights can provide a sense of security or relief. For other people, however, the presence of law enforcement can mean imminent danger.

Police officers, after all, are only human, just like the people they swear to protect and serve. Mistakes happen, as do emotional overreactions. Unfortunately, when police officers make mistakes, innocent citizens often end up paying the price. Those who have experienced the use of excessive force during a law enforcement encounter or those who were wrongfully arrested may need to take legal action to stand up for their rights and prevent future abuses.

The many types of treatment for a traumatic brain injury

Suffering a traumatic brain injury, such as in a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall, is every bit as complex as it sounds.

While it's possible to recover from such an injury, there's also a good chance that it could change your life forever.

The risks associated with autonomous vehicles

If you could teach a computer to drive a car just as well as a human being -- then require the computer to follow driving laws -- traffic accidents and their associated injuries and deaths would decrease dramatically across the United States.

The problem is, no matter how safe this technology appears, there are some risks that Americans need to know about the technology.

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