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Will robots prevent slip-and-falls in grocery stores?

A robot named Marty could keep grocery store patrons safer. Badger Hills Technologies has rolled out wheeled robots that are equipped with cameras to detect grocery store spills.

The robots are now operating at select Giant, Martin and Stop & Shop stores. Stop & Shop has more than 400 stores in New York, New England and New Jersey. The Pennsylvania-based Giant grocery store hopes to expand their use of the robots to all its stores by the middle of the year.

Bad weather driving tips to stay safe on the roads

Along with cooler temperatures, the fall and winter months bring other weather changes that can make the roadways more dangerous. One of the reasons why the roads become more dangerous in wet or icy weather is that many drivers do not adjust their driving technique accordingly.

For example, when the streets are wet, cars and trucks need more time to come to a stop. When drivers travel at speeds that are unsafe for the weather conditions, it is much more difficult to stop the vehicle in time.

Man arrested following fatal New York car accident

Drivers in New York and across the country often go to great lengths to ensure that their actions do not put their lives or the lives of others at risk. Unfortunately, even the safest drivers are unable to avoid the negligent actions of others. In fact, a man was recently arrested following a car accident that resulted in a fatality.

The incident happened at approximately 7:30 a.m. on a day in late December. Police claim that a 37-year-old man from out-of-state lost control of his vehicle, causing it to strike a sports utility vehicle. The impact caused the SUV to overturn and catch fire.

Know your rights if you're involved in a taxi crash

You chose to take a taxi home because of the risk of being too intoxicated to drive. You had a great time out with friends, but you don't want to put anyone in danger. From your perspective, you're doing everything right.

What you didn't expect is that the taxi driver would end up getting in a crash. Now, even though you chose to let someone else take you home safely, you're left with injuries. You can't go to work, can't participate in activities with your loved ones and aren't able to do the things you love.

New York newlywed killed in pedestrian accident

For many people in New York, December is an almost-magical time of year filled with family and friends. Many people are planning holiday parties and deciding what gifts to purchase for loved ones. Unfortunately, one man is now planning a funeral after his young bride was killed in a pedestrian accident.

The incident happened one evening on a day in December. According to reports, the 28-year-old victim, who had only been married approximately a month before she was killed, was attempting to cross the street at a crosswalk after working late. Unfortunately, she was allegedly struck by the rear of a tour bus that was turning.

Combating domestic violence charges takes thought

Domestic violence is something that can happen in just about every family. The issue here is that sometimes, people are accused of domestic abuse when they actually didn't do anything that runs afoul of the law.

From the criminal justice side of things, one of the most difficult aspects of domestic violence cases is that it might all come down to he-said-she-said situations. Defense strategies must be planned carefully because of this fact.

Trapped? Don't move the object that has you pinned

One of the most dangerous injuries a person can suffer is a crushing injury. These shatter bone, tear down muscle and lacerate tendons. They break down blood vessels and sometimes cause irreparable damage.

Crush injuries are dangerous for more reasons than just the above. They can also lead to compartment syndrome, which is when there is serious tissue, muscle or organ damage because of an increase in pressure in the part of the body that is below the crush point.

How scars change a life: More than appearance

When you think of scars, you probably think of smaller injuries that probably needed stitches or healed incorrectly. They have a different texture and appearance than normal skin, but they're otherwise harmless.

The reality is that significant scarring has a more serious impact on your life. The scars might make it hard to bend or move, and they may disfigure you. They're potentially painful, and the skin may not have good elasticity.

Questions to ask before settling your personal injury case

Plaintiffs who can prove that they suffered injuries as a result of another party's negligence may be able to negotiate a settlement with the negligent party. In fact, it's often to the advantage of both the plaintiff and the defendant to reach an out-of-court settlement as opposed to leaving the decision up to a civil court judge.

That said, plaintiffs need to fully understand the settlements they are agreeing to so that they know the ramifications of the agreement. To gain a better understanding, plaintiffs should always ask the following questions when their attorneys present them with a pretrial settlement proposal:

Know your rights after a crash in a company carpool

One of your favorite things about your new job is that there is a company carpool. Living in New York, traffic is already congested, so being able to avoid having a car of your own is great.

Ride sharing is extremely common, especially in New York. Employers may opt to have a company carpool as an incentive program to get people to work efficiently. The problem is that there is a question of liability. Is the employer liable if you are in a crash in the carpool? What about the driver? Whose insurance will you be able to file a claim against? Is this considered to be a workplace accident?

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