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Trapped? Don't move the object that has you pinned

One of the most dangerous injuries a person can suffer is a crushing injury. These shatter bone, tear down muscle and lacerate tendons. They break down blood vessels and sometimes cause irreparable damage.

Crush injuries are dangerous for more reasons than just the above. They can also lead to compartment syndrome, which is when there is serious tissue, muscle or organ damage because of an increase in pressure in the part of the body that is below the crush point.

How scars change a life: More than appearance

When you think of scars, you probably think of smaller injuries that probably needed stitches or healed incorrectly. They have a different texture and appearance than normal skin, but they're otherwise harmless.

The reality is that significant scarring has a more serious impact on your life. The scars might make it hard to bend or move, and they may disfigure you. They're potentially painful, and the skin may not have good elasticity.

Questions to ask before settling your personal injury case

Plaintiffs who can prove that they suffered injuries as a result of another party's negligence may be able to negotiate a settlement with the negligent party. In fact, it's often to the advantage of both the plaintiff and the defendant to reach an out-of-court settlement as opposed to leaving the decision up to a civil court judge.

That said, plaintiffs need to fully understand the settlements they are agreeing to so that they know the ramifications of the agreement. To gain a better understanding, plaintiffs should always ask the following questions when their attorneys present them with a pretrial settlement proposal:

Know your rights after a crash in a company carpool

One of your favorite things about your new job is that there is a company carpool. Living in New York, traffic is already congested, so being able to avoid having a car of your own is great.

Ride sharing is extremely common, especially in New York. Employers may opt to have a company carpool as an incentive program to get people to work efficiently. The problem is that there is a question of liability. Is the employer liable if you are in a crash in the carpool? What about the driver? Whose insurance will you be able to file a claim against? Is this considered to be a workplace accident?

“Black boxes” may help resolve truck accident claims

As soon as the news media learns about a plane crash, part of the narrative is usually asking about when exactly the investigators will locate the plane's "black box," which records crucial flight data and is also manufactured to survive a crash. While it may seem cliche at this point, recovering the black box after plane crash is often an essential part of piecing together exactly what caused the accident in the first place.

Much less well known is that commercial trucks also contain black boxes that record several kinds of data about the truck and the driver's habits while behind the wheel. This is information that may prove very important to victims in a commercial truck accident.

Police misconduct: A blight on the justice system

Claiming police misconduct is a serious thing to do. When you claim misconduct, the law enforcement officer or officers have to be involved in investigations, and then the situation must be evaluated from both sides.

As the claimant, you need to have a reason to bring a misconduct claim against an officer. For example, you could state that the officer violated your Fourth Amendment rights by searching you with no just cause or performing a search without a warrant.

Citi Bike: When exercise is dangerous

2018 is Citi Bike's fifth year in business, and it's quite a success. In September 2017, for instance, the bike-share program allowed around 4.3 million gas-free miles to be traveled throughout the city.

This public transit system is relatively new, but it's doing well. One concern, though, is for people using these bikes getting to and from their destinations safely. New York City does have over 1,000 miles of bike lanes, and with more cyclists on the roads, drivers are more likely to be watching out for them. So, the real question is, "Is biking safe on New York City's streets?"

Had a car accident? Go see a doctor

When a car accident occurs, the parties involved often focus on identifying immediate injuries and documenting the scene of the accident before the cleaning crews show up. This is a reasonable response, especially considering that once the cleanup crews arrive to clear the road, most of the evidence of what happened may disappear. However, people who experience car accidents may not realize that many internal injuries do not cause pain immediately, even if they are quite serious.

Any time that you experience a car accident, you should go see a doctor afterwards. If you're lucky, you may not have any injuries at all, but if not, you may catch a serious injury before it gets much worse. If a doctor does find a hidden injury, this should factor into any injury or damage claim that you file after the accident.

Broken ankles: How your life is impacted

When you break your ankle, the reality is that life has to stop for a moment. You won't be able to walk easily, and the pain is significant.

In car crashes, broken ankles and feet occur for a number of reasons from crushing injuries to having them go through the windshield (which is why you should never place your feet on the dashboard). Broken bones in the feet and ankles are life-changing, some for much longer than you'd expect.

Accidentally breaking a bone can be expensive

When you get into a serious accident, whether it's a slip-and-fall or a motor vehicle crash, there are a host of life-altering injuries that can result. People often view spinal cord injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries, as the most severe and frightening accidental injuries possible.

Victims who walk away from accidents with only broken bones may feel grateful for avoiding a worst-case scenario. However, you should not discount how other injuries, especially broken bones, can impact your quality of life and financial stability for many weeks or even months.

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