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Broken ankles: How your life is impacted

When you break your ankle, the reality is that life has to stop for a moment. You won't be able to walk easily, and the pain is significant.

In car crashes, broken ankles and feet occur for a number of reasons from crushing injuries to having them go through the windshield (which is why you should never place your feet on the dashboard). Broken bones in the feet and ankles are life-changing, some for much longer than you'd expect.

Accidentally breaking a bone can be expensive

When you get into a serious accident, whether it's a slip-and-fall or a motor vehicle crash, there are a host of life-altering injuries that can result. People often view spinal cord injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries, as the most severe and frightening accidental injuries possible.

Victims who walk away from accidents with only broken bones may feel grateful for avoiding a worst-case scenario. However, you should not discount how other injuries, especially broken bones, can impact your quality of life and financial stability for many weeks or even months.

Yes, you can defend against domestic abuse allegations

It is never easy to face allegations of domestic abuse. These days, a single allegation can cost a person his or her career before a full investigation determines the validity of the claims. Now, more than ever, it is vital to fight domestic abuse allegations promptly and effectively as soon as they arise.

Although it may feel as though there is nothing to do in the face of domestic violence allegations, you may have a number of defenses available, depending on the nature of your alleged offense. Carefully consider all these options as you work to build strong legal protections for you rights and you future.

A ladder accident can happen when you least expect it

As a construction worker, you may have many years of experience using a ladder. This leads you to believe nothing could ever go wrong, as you've never run into any trouble in the past.

Unfortunately, a ladder accident can happen when you least expect it. Even if you're doing everything possible to remain safe, it doesn't mean you'll never find yourself in a bad situation.

5 complications of spinal cord injuries

You never thought you'd suffer a spinal cord injury, but after you were involved in a serious crash, you've been left with one so serious you're unable to walk. You have no sensation and don't know what to expect.

A spinal cord injury is bad enough on its own, but did you know that they often result in complications? When the spinal cord can't transmit signals to parts of the body, it's more likely for the body to become dysfunctional. These are five complications you should know about.

Taxi crash tips for passengers

It is no surprise when accidents happen in New York City. With so much traffic on the roads, there's bound to be a taxi accident at some point. Unfortunately, this time involved you as a passenger.

Taxi accidents can happen at any time, day or night. Taxi drivers travel, on average, 70,000 miles per year. That's enough travel in a single year to make it around the world close to three times. With 485,000 trips taken each day, the statistics alone make it obvious how so many crashes could happen.

Scaffolding: A serious risk to workers and pedestrians

One of the things that people who work in construction come across is scaffolding. Scaffolding is extremely important to the industry, as it provides a safe platform for workers. However, if scaffolding isn't set up properly, there's a high risk of falls and other accidents.

It's important for workers to stay safe, and the best way to do that is to know how to work securely on scaffolding. Here are a few tips to help keep your work environment hazard-free.

Broken bones: Myths you should know

As someone who has experienced ankle or foot injuries in an accident, you should know that there are many myths about treatment and recovery. Broken bones have the potential to significantly impact you and to cause disabilities in your life if not treated well.

After any accident, you should see a medical provider. He or she can give you more information about your specific injuries. It's also a good idea to see a second provider for a confirmation of your diagnosis and to make sure you fully understand every treatment option.

Warmer spring weather brings with it the risk of a bike accident

For many people, the real sign that spring has sprung is the ability to cruise around town on a bicycle without a dozen protective layers of warm clothing. In many respects, New York is a relatively bike-friendly city. New York City has carefully tracked bike accident statistics and taken steps to reduce serious injuries and deaths to cyclists around the city. It's no wonder that so many people enjoy two-wheeled transportation in the City.

Roughly a quarter of New Yorkers ride a bike at least once a year. Of that group of cyclists, a little over a third only ride a few times a year. Roughly 17 percent ride at least one time a month, and the remaining 49 percent of bike enthusiasts ride at least a few times each month. Sadly, at least some of those people will experience a bike crash before the fall removes most cyclists from the public roads again.

Tips to stay focused behind the wheel

Driving, especially in New York, can be very dangerous. This is why it is important to stay focused behind the wheel. While cellphone use has brought distracted driving to the forefront when it comes to accident causes, the reality is that anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road is a distraction.

In the few seconds that it takes you to change the radio station in your car, you could become involved in an accident that you might have been able to avoid if you had not taken your eyes off the road.

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