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Walkers beware: 3 common causes of pedestrian accidents

Anyone who lives, works or visits New York is likely to spend at least some time walking through the city streets. Not only does taking a walk along these streets somtimes get you to your destination quikcer, it allows city goers and tourists alike to experience the city's true charm.

While enjoying this charm, pedestrians should not just rely on the lights, entitlement to the right of way or good judgment of other drivers. Pedestrians should constantly and carefully watch out for the traffic around them. Too often, NYC drivers become impatient while trying not to get stuck at yet anohter light. The pressures of battling NYC traffic cause many drivers to overlook pedestrian safety as they try to get to their destinations as soon as possible.

What can pedestrians do to avoid getting hit by a car, taxi or bus? In some cases, pedestrians take unnecessary risks that increase the chances of getting into an accident. Some of the more common examples include:

  • Smartphone distractions. The dangers of using your smartphone while driving hold true while walking. A few years ago, a video went viral involving a shopper at a mall texting on the phone before falling into a fountain. This type of thing is not as uncommon as it once was. Unfortunately, falling into a fountain is no longer the worst that can happen while you are distracted by your phone. Looking down at your phone instead of up at the street also increases the risk of getting hit by a car.
  • Visibility issues. This example can take on a few forms. Keep in mind if you are walking at night and are not in a lighted area, you are probably not visible to vehicles. This is also true if you are crossing the road in the middle of the block instead of at the crosswalk. Drivers may not be watching for pedestrians in these areas.
  • Lack of awareness. When crossing, look not only at the lane of traffic nearest the sidewalk but at the one behind it as well. Attempt to make eye contact with any drivers to better ensure they see you before you enter their lane.

These are just three of the many factors that can increase the risk of a pedestrian accident.

What about victims of pedestrian accidents? Unfortunately, accidents can happen even when pedestrians put down their phones, make themselves visible and pay attention. Victims of these accidents are likely eligible to receive compensation by holding responsible drivers accountable for their actions.

This can be done through a personal injury lawsuit. This lawsuit can lead to monetary awards that can cover the costs connected to the accidents. Costs associated with medical bills, prescription costs and rehabilitation needs. Contact an experienced attorney to discuss your options.

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