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February 2017 Archives

City settles lawsuit alleging police misconduct

Police officers in New York and across the country have a sworn duty to serve and protect their communities. While the vast majority are hardworking and dedicated to enforcing the law, some engage in behavior that is harmful to others and potentially violates their constitutional rights. In some cases, victims of police misconduct and their families have no other path to justice other than filing a civil lawsuit.

Passenger suffers personal injury following New York accident

A car accident can happen under the best of circumstances. A person can accidentally miss a traffic sign, for example. Unfortunately, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol could increase a person's chances of causing a crash. Police in New York claim that drugs were a factor in a recent incident that sent multiple people to the hospital. A personal injury lawsuit could potentially follow the incident.

New York personal injury: 4 injured in auto-pedestrian accident

Authorities in New York are investigating an auto-pedestrian accident that left four people injured. This incident occurred in Uniondale on Thursday, Feb. 2. When such an incident results in a victim suffering a personal injury, he or she may have legal recourse.

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