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What to know about your teenager's concussion

Your son begged you to allow him to join the football team. You knew it was a bad idea, but you never in your wildest dreams thought that it would be this bad.

The coach met you in the emergency room, and explained how another driver ran a red light and crashed into the school bus. Your son's head hit the metal between the windows, and he sustained a traumatic brain injury.

What to know about brain injuries

According to the mayo clinic, it doesn't need to be a serious accident to injure your head. If your head or neck is jolted or your head hits something, it results in a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

The causes of your brain injury can include:

  • Damage to brain cells limited to the area directly below the point of impact on the skull.
  • Bleeding in or around the brain, swelling, and blood clots can disrupt the oxygen supply to the brain and cause wider damage.
  • A severe blow or jolt causing multiple points of damage because the brain may move back and forth in the skull.
  • A severe rotational or spinning jolt causing the tearing of cellular structures.

What should you watch for immediately after the accident? According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms include:

  • He loses his balance and gets dizzy
  • He can't look at a computer, phone or television screen
  • He can't sleep or experience a change in sleep patterns
  • He can't seem to concentrate or focus on his tasks
  • He has a headache that won't go away
  • His mood changes uncontrollably, more than is normal for a teenager
  • His is depressed or anxious

If you see any of that, it's important to seek the proper medical care.

As overwhelming as it might feel dealing with insurance companies and medical bills, you have options. You may want to consider contacting an attorney who can listen to your story and help you identify the legal avenues you can pursue to make sure your son gets the treatment he needs. 

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