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March 2017 Archives

Do you know the biking laws of New York?

Biking can be a great form of transportation to work or simply to get some exercise. However, just like other drivers on the road, bicyclists have traffic laws they must follow. It is very important to know and follow these laws so that you do not unknowingly violate them and wind up with a traffic ticket. They were also created with safety in mind so it is in your interest to follow them anyway.

New York car crash causes brain injuries -- charges filed

Most people likely expect that a friend will go to great lengths to protect their safety, or at the very least, abstain from behaviors that could harm them. Unfortunately, two young men are currently in the hospital suffering from brain injuries after New York authorities say that a driver who was reportedly the friend of the victims caused a serious accident. The driver now faces multiple charges.

Criminal law: Woman charged after child wanders New York streets

Children often behave in unpredictable ways. In some cases, a child may become lost due to no fault of a caregiver, for example, and is not a matter of criminal law. Unfortunately, police in New York claim that a daycare worker left a young child unattended, resulting in the child allegedly roaming the streets alone.

Wrongful Conviction: How One Lie Can Destroy Multiple Lives

Our legal system does not always get things right. Wrongful accusations and convictions can destroy the life of the accused, their families, and even their friends. In addition to errors made in the legal process, there also exists the unfortunate possibility of malicious and unfounded accusations. 

Personal injury claim possible following New York crash

Drivers have a certain responsibility to other occupants of their vehicle as well as the occupants of vehicles they may encounter. Being an alert driver who follows the speed limit are just some necessary actions required to meet this responsibility. Unfortunately, a personal injury claim may follow a recent car crash in New York after police say a driver abandoned a critically injured passenger.

Personal injury lawsuit may follow recent New York car crash

Safe drivers in New York are committed to following all traffic directions to ensure their safety and the safety of others. While they generally drive defensively, it is sometimes impossible to avoid other drivers who may not take such care, resulting in a personal injury. Unfortunately, two people were recently injured and sent to the hospital for treatment following a car crash.

Lawsuit alleges personal injury resulted from medical malpractice

Many people in New York and across the country suffer from chronic pain that is often considered unbearable. They seek help from their doctors with the expectation that medical professionals will help them make decisions regarding treatment that are in their best interests. Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit filed in another state alleges that one doctor was motivated by money in his decision to prescribe certain medication. As a result, he claims he suffered a personal injury due to medical malpractice.

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