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Lawsuit alleges personal injury resulted from medical malpractice

Many people in New York and across the country suffer from chronic pain that is often considered unbearable. They seek help from their doctors with the expectation that medical professionals will help them make decisions regarding treatment that are in their best interests. Unfortunately, a recent lawsuit filed in another state alleges that one doctor was motivated by money in his decision to prescribe certain medication. As a result, he claims he suffered a personal injury due to medical malpractice.

The man claims that he was a victim of a snowmobile crash in 2009. The crash left him partially paralyzed and suffering from chronic leg and back pain. The next year, he went to the PainCare Clinic -- named as a defendant in the lawsuit -- for treatment. The doctor who treated him at the clinic is also named in the lawsuit.

After being treated with opioids, the patient claims that his doctor suggested that he try a new drug, Subsys. He claims he was reluctant to try another opioid, especially when he read it was intended for cancer patients, but ultimately relented at the insistence of his doctor. Unfortunately, he claims he became addicted, but his concerns were ignored by his physician when he asked for help. He has since been diagnosed with an opioid addiction and is being treated with methadone by another doctor.

The man's lawsuit isn't the first one against the clinic and company that manufactures the drug, Insys Therapeutics. In fact, the company has agreed to pay millions of dollars as a result of violations of the Consumer Protection Act. Unfortunately, a drug addiction is often difficult to overcome; many people suffer the loss of a job and personal relationships as a result of their addiction. If it can be proved that this man's personal injury was the result of medical malpractice, he could receive a financial award that will help him manage his financial obligations, allowing him to focus on his long-term recovery. Victims of similar negligence in New York also have the option of pursing damages in a civil court.

Source:, "PainCare sued again over fentanyl-based medicine", Elizabeth Dinan, Feb. 23, 2017

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