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New York car crash causes brain injuries -- charges filed

Most people likely expect that a friend will go to great lengths to protect their safety, or at the very least, abstain from behaviors that could harm them. Unfortunately, two young men are currently in the hospital suffering from brain injuries after New York authorities say that a driver who was reportedly the friend of the victims caused a serious accident. The driver now faces multiple charges.

The incident happened on a day in March. According to police and prosecutors, a driver caused an accident while he was under the influence of drugs. Police say that two passengers in the vehicle suffered serious injuries; one is not suspected to survive.

One of the victims has a detached brainstem, allegedly as a result of the accident and is currently on life support. The second victim also suffered several injuries, including a head injury that requires part of his skull to be removed. The driver is now facing multiple charges, including driving on a suspended license; charges are expected to be upgraded if either of the victims passes away. He has since pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. Reports indicate that he was on probation at the time and driving on suspended license.

Unfortunately, the cost of caring for a patient with brain injuries can quickly become overwhelming. In many cases, families are unable to cope with medical bills in addition to lost wages. To help with these costs, many victims -- including the surviving families of deceased victims -- in New York seek financial relief in a civil court. A successfully presented personal injury lawsuit could result in an award of damages that will help ensure that victims do not suffer financially as well as emotionally and physically.

Source:, "Man Charged for Crash that Left 2 Critically Injured was on Probation", March 24 2017

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