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Wrongful Conviction: How One Lie Can Destroy Multiple Lives

Our legal system does not always get things right. Wrongful accusations and convictions can destroy the life of the accused, their families, and even their friends. In addition to errors made in the legal process, there also exists the unfortunate possibility of malicious and unfounded accusations. 

Wrongful convictions are heartbreaking, and have been known to rob people of the best years of their lives. In one such case, three men were accused, and convicted, of setting a deadly fire in Brooklyn. The three were exonerated decades later, but tragically, one of the men had already died in jail. The two that lived to see the false charges against them dropped spent over three decades in jail for a crime that they did not commit. Yes, they were paid over $31 million dollars by the City of New York, but they will never get those 33 years back. This tragedy cannot repeat itself, and if you have been wrongfully accused, it is imperative to get the best counsel you can from the get go. The right representation can protect you from serving time for a crime that you did not commit.

Yes, Amaury Villalobos and William Vasquez were eventually released from prison, and did receive a multi-million dollar settlement from the City, but at what cost? How much did they miss during the 33 years that they were wrongfully behind bars? Imagine how different the lives of their families may have been if these men were not wrongfully convicted.

Any interaction with the justice system can be frightening and overwhelming, and having an experienced civil rights attorney on your side will help to relieve some of the stress and anxiety. 

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