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April 2017 Archives

What to know about cycling in the city

As the weather improves, bicylcling provides an increasingly attractive and cost-efficient way of transportation over trains, buses and cabs. Whether you rent a Citi Bike or ride your own, riding through NYC can be quite enjoyable but requires vigilance due to the frenetic pace of other cars, bikes and pedestrians.

Personal injury lawsuit accuses lodge of negligence

People in New York and across the country often choose to visit lodges and other commercial properties with their families. While on such trips, they expect that those who run the lodge will take measures to ensure that they are safe from injury. Unfortunately, one out-of-state woman has recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a lodge with an indoor water park, claiming that negligence on the part of the defendants resulted in a serious injury.

Child suffers brain injuries at rotating restaurant

For many people in New York, a family trip is a time to create fun-filled memories that will last forever. No one expects that the decision to travel will end in tragedy. Unfortunately, an event in another state has left one family grieving the loss of their son after he suffered brain injuries.

New York City settles police misconduct lawsuit

There is no doubt that police officers in New York and other areas of the country have a difficult job. As part of their daily activities, they are tasked with preventing crime and apprehending suspected criminals. Most officers are dedicated to their jobs, but some may fail to follow proper procedures during times of stress and chaos, resulting in injuries to a suspect or unsupported charges. For example, the city of New York has recently settled a lawsuit filed by basketball player Thabo Sefolosha, alleging police misconduct.

Tackling Taxi Accidents: A New Yorker's Guide

You knew that taxi accidents happened on the busy streets in New York, but you never thought you'd be involved in one. You may be unsure of who is to blame and how you'll pay your medical bills--is it the taxi company or the driver? The following is a guide about what happens next if you've been in an accident involving a taxi. 

Personal injury: 2 injured, 1 killed in recent New York crash

Most tractor-trailer drivers are well-trained professionals, committed to taking measures to prevent accidents. Unfortunately, failure to take necessary precautions can result in an accident with serious ramifications. Two people who were injured in a recent car crash involving a tractor-trailer in New York may be contemplating a personal injury lawsuit.

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