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Child suffers brain injuries at rotating restaurant

For many people in New York, a family trip is a time to create fun-filled memories that will last forever. No one expects that the decision to travel will end in tragedy. Unfortunately, an event in another state has left one family grieving the loss of their son after he suffered brain injuries.

The incident happened one day in April. According to reports, a family -- including a five-year-old boy -- was eating at The Sun Dial, a restaurant that claims to offer 360-degree views of the skyline thanks to a rotating floor. The young boy reportedly wandered away from his family while they sat at a table.

Unfortunately, the boy's head reportedly became lodged between the rotating floor and a wall. The floor was automatically stopped, and employees at the restaurant were able to extricate the young boy. He suffered critical injuries to his head and passed away after being transported to the hospital. The restaurant will be closed for several days following the incident.

No one expects that the decision to visit what is described as an iconic restaurant will result in brain injuries. Unfortunately, what should have been a fun experience for a family visiting a restaurant from out-of-town turned into an unexpected tragedy. Many people in New York who have lost a loved one in a similar manner make the decision to explore their legal options. A civil lawsuit could help ensure that the family can manage the expenses stemming from their unexpected loss as well as hold accountable any parties who may hold responsibility.

Source:, "Child dies in freak accident at rotating rooftop restaurant", Ellen Eldridge, April 14, 2017

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