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May 2017 Archives

Personal injury: 3 people injured in Ferris wheel accident

For people in New York, the decision to visit a carnival or circus is typically one filled with fun and excited. Unfortunately, a malfunctioning carnival ride can lead to a personal injury. The operating permit for one ride in another state has recently been revoked following an incident that sent three people to the hospital.

Personal injury: 1 killed, 22 injured in New York accident

While there are known hazards associated with driving on New York roadways, the average pedestrian typically feels relatively safe on sidewalks. Unfortunately, a recent car accident will likely make many people question their overall safety. While the driver is in police custody, one person passed away and 22 were taken to the hospital; those injured may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit as a result.

New York car accident could result in personal injury lawsuit

Drivers have an obligation to themselves, their passengers and others with whom they may come into contact. This obligation requires them to remain vigilant at all times and drive in a manner that does not deliberately place anyone's safety in jeopardy. Unfortunately, a recent New York car crash -- that could potentially lead to a personal injury lawsuit -- demonstrates the potential harm of such an incident, sending five people to the hospital.

Shooting of teenager potential case of police misconduct

Police officers in New York and across the country often put their lives in jeopardy to protect others. Unfortunately, they can also make poor decisions in regard to the use of lethal force that can result in the unnecessary loss of a life. Victims of such police misconduct, potentially including family members in the event of a fatality, are often uncertain how to ensure that justice is served.

Spinal cord injuries from accidents can change your life

Getting into a serious car accident or getting struck by a vehicle when you're walking or on a bicycle can result in serious injuries. Sometimes, injuries can be simple and likely to heal with time, like broken bones. Other times, the injuries can last for the rest of your life. In cases where you experience damage to your spinal cord, without intensive treatment, the results of the injury may last forever. If you or someone you love suffered spinal cord injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident or biking accident, you need to speak with an experienced New York personal injury attorney.

New York crash could result in personal injury claim

Whether fairly or unfairly, police officers in New York and across the country are often held to a higher standard than average citizens. As enforcers of the law, they may be under increased scrutiny if they are suspected of breaking a law. Unfortunately, such scrutiny may be appropriate after police reports indicate an officer who was under the influence of alcohol caused an accident that resulted in a fatality and injured several people, potentially prompting them to file personal injury lawsuits.

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