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Skull fractures can be serious and require surgery

Many people talk about the impact of a head injury on the brain and body, but few talk specifically about the impact a broken skull has on you. Unlike other bones, when you break your skull, there is little protection from infection or other complications.

There are a few different types of skull fractures including a closed, open, depressed or basal fracture. Closed fractures are not open, so the skin is intact. Open fractures are also known as compound fractures. It's possible to see the bone with this form of fracture.

A depressed fracture causes the skull to push inward into the brain cavity. A basal fracture is a fracture to the floor of the skull. That includes the areas around the back of the head, the nose, ears and eyes.

Side effects

Skull fractures cause a number of side effects. Some common symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting. These fractures may bleed if they are open and bruise severely around the nose, eyes and ears. Skull fractures often cause severe pain, even if the brain is not involved.

It's important to have a skull fracture identified. If the skull presses into the brain, it could cause brain damage. If there is swelling and bleeding, this can also lead to pressure on the brain. A doctor may choose to use a computerized tomography scan or magnetic resonance imaging to diagnose the fracture and view the brain and fluids in the skull. X-rays are also used to diagnose fractures to the skull.

Relief varies

While some fractures result in the need for pain management only, others require surgery. It's most common to need surgery if you have a depressed injury, since it may place pressure on the brain or result in cerebral spinal fluid leaking from the nose or ears.

After you're hit by a car, make sure you seek out the medical treatment you need. If you have a fracture, getting prompt treatment can help prevent complications that could impact your life. Your attorney can help you file the necessary legal paperwork to make a claim for compensation.

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