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July 2017 Archives

Body camera footage allegedly shows police misconduct

Police in New York and other areas of the country are often committed to providing protection from people they believe have committed a crime. However, an officer's belief that a crime has been committed is not sufficient proof to gain a conviction -- or even lead to an arrest. Unfortunately, police footage from an incident in another state reportedly reveals police misconduct -- footage allegedly shows an officer planting evidence that ultimately led to a man's arrest.

Personal injury: New York crash injures 7, kills 2

The dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol are well-publicized in an attempt to bring attention to the serious issue. Despite attempts to educate the public, people in New York and other areas of the country continue to get behind the wheel of a car while under the influence of alcohol, resulting in personal injury to multiple victims. Unfortunately, one man was recently arrested for his alleged involvement in an accident that is said have taken two lives and injured seven people.

Personal injury claim settled for $200,000

Many municipalities in New York and other areas of the country go to great lengths to beautify their cities. For some, these projects are aesthetically pleasing while also serving other purposes. Unfortunately, a city in another state attempted such a project, and it ultimately resulted in a personal injury lawsuit.

Several suffer personal injury in New York collision

The vast majority of drivers on New York roadways are safe and committed to driving defensively. Unfortunately, an accident can happen so quickly that even the safest of drivers cannot respond in time. A recent crash on Interstate 81 recently resulted in personal injury to several people and likely remains under investigation.

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