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Body camera footage allegedly shows police misconduct

Police in New York and other areas of the country are often committed to providing protection from people they believe have committed a crime. However, an officer's belief that a crime has been committed is not sufficient proof to gain a conviction -- or even lead to an arrest. Unfortunately, police footage from an incident in another state reportedly reveals police misconduct -- footage allegedly shows an officer planting evidence that ultimately led to a man's arrest.

The incident reportedly happened on a day in late January. Reports indicate that footage from an officer's body camera shows him placing drugs in a soup can in the backyard of a suspect. Approximately, 30 seconds later he allegedly indicates that he is going to check the backyard for evidence and "discovers" the drugs. The suspect was arrested and charged as a result.

However, once the footage that appears to show the officer planting the evidence was discovered, the charges against the suspect were dropped. However, the officer is reportedly involved in over 50 other active cases and was recently called to testify. He has since been suspended. Two other officers shown in the video have been placed on administrative duty.

Unfortunately, this officer's alleged actions call into question evidence he may have claimed to have discovered in many other cases. If the officer did plant evidence as the video appears to show, he may have done so previously, potentially sending an innocent person to prison. While it is hopeful that police departments in New York will respond properly to such police misconduct, victims -- including those wrongfully imprisoned -- have the option of taking civil action, including filing a lawsuit that could potentially result in a monetary award if claims against an officer can be proved.

Source: NBC News, "Body Camera Video Allegedly Shows Baltimore Police 'Plant' Drugs", Phil McCausland, July 19, 2017

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