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Personal injury claim settled for $200,000

Many municipalities in New York and other areas of the country go to great lengths to beautify their cities. For some, these projects are aesthetically pleasing while also serving other purposes. Unfortunately, a city in another state attempted such a project, and it ultimately resulted in a personal injury lawsuit.

The project involved decorating storm drains with murals. Those familiar with the project claim that it was intended as a reminder that anything that goes into drains will ultimately travel to streams. Over the course of approximately three years, approximately 40 murals were painted. Once completed, the paintings were treated with a sealant intended to create traction.

However, the murals need to be resealed periodically. While the city had a schedule dictating when the paintings required maintenance, the painting at the center of the recent lawsuit had reportedly not been included in the schedule. Unfortunately, a man slipped on the mural, resulting in a fall that caused an injury to his knee. The city recently settled the case for $200,000. A representative for the city claims that all murals are now regularly maintained.

Unfortunately, even the best ideas can result in harm without follow through and continued oversight. If a person suffers injury in New York as the result of the city's negligence in regard to maintaining a sidewalk -- or a mural painted on a sidewalk -- the victim has the option of pursuing damages. A successfully presented personal injury case can result in an award to help with the medical bills and lost wages resulting from such an injury, but it can also prompt officials to take measures to prevent similar accidents in the future.

Source:, "City pays $200K to man after 'slip and fall' on storm drain mural", Alissa Zhu, July 4, 2017

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