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August 2017 Archives

Personal injury: New York crash injures motorcyclist

There are a variety of different methods to legally use New York roadways. While most people typically think of cars and trucks, motorcyclists and pedestrians, among others, also have the right to use the roads. As a result, other drivers must remain vigilant due to the decreased visibility of smaller vehicles and walkers. Unfortunately, a recent crash resulting in a personal injury illustrates the potential outcome when a motorcyclist is overlooked.

New York pedestrian suffers personal injury from crash debris

As in most large cities in the United States, people in New York have a variety of different options regarding transportation. While some opt to drive themselves, many others choose to walk or utilize public transportation. While pedestrians may feel like they are safe from car accidents, a recent crash resulting in a personal injury to a man on a sidewalk shows that may not be the case.

Walk in Central Park results in personal injury

For many people in New York City, a walk in Central Park is the highlight of their day. However, a recent incident may have some questioning their safety while doing so. Reports indicate that a mother and her three young children were struck by a falling tree as they were walking on a roadway in the park, resulting in a personal injury.

New York woman suffers personal injury due to fall

People who are walking on New York sidewalks likely have a certain expectation of safety. For this expectations to be realized, elements of sidewalks -- including privately owned covers to cellar vaults -- must be properly maintained. Unfortunately, a woman recently suffered a serious personal injury after part of the sidewalk on which she was walking collapsed.  

Common causes and risks of TBIs

Even a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by a seemingly minor accident. Since falls are actually the leading cause of TBIs, people that are 75 or older are the leading at-risk group for TBIs that result in hospitalization and death because of a fall. However, anyone or any age can suffer a TBI after a fall.

Personal injury claim possible after New York taxi collision

For many people in New York, the thought of having lunch outdoors on a sunny afternoon is a pleasing one. Unfortunately, a recent collision has left witnesses expressing fear over their safety while doing so. The incident, which involved a cab jumping a curb and striking a family, injured several people and could potentially lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

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