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New York pedestrian suffers personal injury from crash debris

As in most large cities in the United States, people in New York have a variety of different options regarding transportation. While some opt to drive themselves, many others choose to walk or utilize public transportation. While pedestrians may feel like they are safe from car accidents, a recent crash resulting in a personal injury to a man on a sidewalk shows that may not be the case.

The incident involved a crash between a tractor-trailer and a sports utility vehicle. Reports indicate that the tractor-trailer struck the side of the SUV in an intersection. The SUV then allegedly collided with the entrance to a subway station. Debris from the accident reportedly struck a pedestrian; the driver of the SUV and the pedestrian were transported to the hospital as a result of serious injuries.

A witness claims that the tractor-trailer had a green light. While she describes the driver's attempts to stop, he was unable to do so. It is unclear if charges are expected to be filed as a result of the collision. The entrance of the station remained closed while workers completed repairs.

An accident resulting in a personal injury can have long-term implications. Medical bills and lost wages can quickly take a toll on victims. As a result, many in New York seek to fully understand their options regarding their ability to seek damages. If it can be proved that their injuries were the result of another person's negligence, they could receive a monetary award, ensuring that they can focus on their physical recovery rather than their ability to meet their financial obligations.

Source:, "Tractor trailer hits SUV, sending it onto the sidewalk on Upper West Side, NYPD says", Nicole Brown, Aug. 16, 2017

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