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September 2017 Archives

Family claims shooting was police misconduct

There is no question that the police have difficult jobs. They are often tasked with inserting themselves between two clashing sides and disarming those with guns or other lethal weapons. Unfortunately, stories alleging police misconduct in New York and across the country seem to fill the media these days. For example, a family in another state recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit after their son was reportedly shot and run over in an incident involving police officers.

New York fight leads to brain injuries; lawsuit settled

Many professional athletes spend a great deal of their time training for their next performance. While they are likely aware of their chances of suffering an injury, most have confidence in the fact that adequate medical care providers will be on scene to help. Unfortunately, the family of a boxer claims that such was not the case after a fight in New York resulted in brain injuries.

Man alleges police misconduct after years in prison

Police in New York and across the country are supposed to be the people who are there to help following a crime. Most are dedicated to finding the truth and seeking justice. However, there are others who are unscrupulous in the pursuit of a guilty verdict, sometimes resulting in a wrongful conviction. Victims of these actions are often left wondering how to respond to such police misconduct.

3 things you should know about skull fractures

When you hit your head in the car accident, you knew it was sore. What you didn't initially realize was that you'd suffered a skull fracture. That fracture left you open to infection and swelling and fluid buildup around your brain, which could result in serious complications.

Personal injury: 6 injured after SUV hits New York laundromat

Many people in New York and across the country use weekends to get caught up on chores such as laundry. Most of the time, trips to the laundromat are relatively uneventful. However, reports indicate that at least six people suffered injuries when a sports utility vehicle plowed into a building. The driver of that vehicle could face numerous personal injury claims as a result.

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