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3 things you should know about skull fractures

When you hit your head in the car accident, you knew it was sore. What you didn't initially realize was that you'd suffered a skull fracture. That fracture left you open to infection and swelling and fluid buildup around your brain, which could result in serious complications.

There are different kinds of skull fractures, and understanding the kind you have and the prognosis is important for your claim. Understanding your ability to heal and recover, along with the time it will take to do so, helps you and your attorney better know how much to seek in compensation for your injuries.

1. What are the kinds of skull fractures?

Skull fractures come in a number of forms including closed, open, compressed, basal, linear and comminuted.

A closed fracture doesn't expose the inside of the skull to the outside air. An open fracture does, in comparison. Compressed fractures push the skull inward without breaking it, causing a kind of dent that can put pressure on the brain. Basal fractures take place around the ears, eyes and generally in the front of the face. Some occur near the top of the spine where it meets the skull. Linear occur in a straight line, while comminuted have breaks in more than two places which cause at least three sections along the skull.

2. What are some symptoms of a skull fracture?

Bruising is always a symptom of a fracture. You may see bruising around the eyes or trauma site. Severe pain is normal for skull injuries as is bleeding if the skull has an open wound. Bleeding may also occur inside the skull and drain from the mouth, ears, eyes or nose.

3. Skull fractures require treatment as soon as possible

Skull fractures require treatment as quickly as possible to reduce swelling and to stop bleeding. X-rays, CT scans and MRIs are used to verify the presence of a skull fracture.

These injuries can take weeks or months to heal, and complications can take even longer. It's important to take your time with your recovery, so you can come back stronger.

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