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What is a common carrier?

A common carrier is a business that focuses on carrying people or goods from one place to another. Vehicles like buses, trains and taxicabs are common carrier vehicles. In some places, even roller coasters are common carrier vehicles. Businesses that run these carriers are responsible for keeping their fleets in good condition and for getting people to their destinations safely.

Common carriers are liable for any injuries passengers suffer if the injured party can show that the carrier was negligent. For example, all carriers are required to uphold the standards of safety required by the industry. Failing to warn passengers about potential hazards or dangerous conditions could lead to liability lawsuits.

A good example of this would be if an airline pilot doesn't tell the passengers that he or she intends to land the plane. If anyone is in the bathroom or walking in the aisles, that person could fall or get hurt. Not turning on the seat belt sign is negligent. If the lights in the sign did not work, then passengers should have been told to buckle their seat belts by the crew and pilot over the intercom.

You must have evidence of the carrier's negligence to win a case in court. Witness testimonies from the scene and expert testimonies about the industry, your injuries and what should have happened in your situation can help. If there is a negligent act taking place, a video or photo can make a difference in your case. For instance, if you are riding in a taxi and your driver gets road rage, you should take a video as soon as you know something's wrong. If you get into a crash, you'll have evidence of the carrier's actions.

These are a few tips about common carriers. Be safe while you travel, and remember to stay alert to report dangerous actions.

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