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Know these 3 taxi safety tips in New York City

You take the taxi to work often, but you also know that there is an inherent risk each time you do. The driver isn't always the same, and depending on his or her skills, he or she could put you in danger. You rely on this service to get where you need to go, but how can you be sure you'll get there safely?

There is nothing certain in life, but there are some taxi safety tips that can help you protect yourself. By verifying the driver's credentials and even checking reviews ahead of time, you can be more confident in the driver and your safety while in his or her care.

1. Check for credentials

Most taxi services provide their drivers with a meter that shows you how much the fare is. Additionally, near the meter or on the divider, you should see the driver's license and credentials. He or she should also have a badge number.

2. Check the vehicle

Vehicle safety isn't just about the driver. Knowing that the car itself is in good shape is key to avoiding mechanical failures and collisions. While you aren't likely to be able to check the engine or other vital components of the vehicle, you can give it a once-over by visually inspecting the tires, door handles and other parts of the taxi. It's advisable to check for door handles and locks that work, so you know you can get in and out of the taxi safely in the event of a crash or emergency.

3. Know the route

If you want to avoid a crash, going a less-congested route helps. Since you're familiar with New York, it's your right to ask the taxi driver to take you to work going by your directions. Sure, it might cost a little more to take a side street instead of the main road, but the likelihood of getting into a crash when there is less traffic is much lower.

Taxis are a great way to get around the city, and with these tips, you can feel a little safer. Enjoy the ride.

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