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You may experience pain well after a car accident

In many instances, car accidents cause injuries that victims do not feel at first. These injuries may remain hidden for hours or even days, but once they do cause pain, it is often overwhelming.

Delayed pain injuries may cause many kinds of pain, some of which may indicate serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. Even if a particular victim's injuries are not ultimately very serious, it is not always possible to know the severity of the injury without a proper medical examination.

If you recently experienced a car accident and now have pain from the accident, it is very important that you seek professional medical attention as soon as you can. Should you choose to put off professional medical care, your injuries may get worse and require more complicated and lengthy treatments, possibly compromising the care you receive, and, in some cases, placing your life in danger.

Take abdominal pain very seriously

While not all abdominal pain indicates a life-threatening emergency, some abdominal injuries that case delayed pain are quite serious. The two most concerning possibilities for delayed abdominal pain include internal bleeding and damage to your organs. Internal bleeding not only poses a threat from blood loss, these injuries also suffer high risk of infection, which may lead to other parts of the body through the blood stream.

Similarly, organs that suffer damage in an accident may not cause pain at first, because the body is still assessing the situation and fighting to heal it. However, if the damage is too great, an organ may go into failure. Once an organ fails, your body simply cannot keep you alive very long without serious medical help. If you experience abdominal pain after a car accident, please visit a medical care professional as soon as you can.

Head and neck injuries

Should you suffer a blow to the head, you may receive a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). While some blows to the head amount to a headache and rough day the next morning, some injuries actually present relatively long-term symptoms such as changes in cognitive ability or even personality. In some cases, you may experience physical symptoms like ongoing nausea, prolonged headaches and even seizures.

You may also experience severe, immobilizing soreness in various muscle groups, known commonly as whiplash. It is common for muscle soreness to wait a few hours to set in, or possibly until the next morning.

Likewise, if you suffer damage to your spinal column, it may affect the nerves carried within the column, possibly resulting in sharp or general pain, or numbness and tingling in your limbs.

Take these injuries seriously

Do not make the mistake of treating these injuries casually. Doing so only compromises your own recovery. If you need some guidance creating a strong personal injury claim, an experienced attorney can help you assess your injuries and protect your rights as you pursue justice.

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