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Is a plea bargain appropriate in your case?

There are many decisions that come when you are facing criminal charges of all sorts. One of the first ones you will be presented with is what plea you want to enter in your case. This might not seem like a major decision but it really is.

There are three pleas that you can enter in a criminal case. You can plead no contest, which means you don't admit guilt but you do admit that the prosecution has enough evidence to lead to a conviction. You can plead guilty, which means that you admit you did the crime. You can plead not guilty, which means that you aren't saying that you committed the crime. Defendants usually choose to plead not guilty and move on from there.

Role of plea deals

After you plead not guilty, there might come a point when the prosecution will tell you that they will offer you a deal if you plead guilty. This comes with specific conditions, such as lowered charges or a specific penalty.

These plea deals enable you to get your case resolved faster and it gives you a chance to have a say in how your case is resolved. Since cases that are resolved through plea deals aren't going through trial, the court docket can get at least a little relief from being more overcrowded than necessary. These deals can also save taxpayers money since the prosecutors aren't having to prepare for a trial.

Caveats of plea bargains

There is some disagreement about how appropriate plea deals are. Some people think that plea deals aren't a good idea since they might cause innocent people to plead guilty just to be able to know the outcome of the case. This point has led to some people calling for an end to plea deals.

Another issue that some people have with them is that they claim they let the defendant get off of charges easier than what would happen in a trial. They think that plea deals are an easy way out, but they don't address the fact that some cases resolved through a plea deal might not result in a conviction in a trial.

When you are considering a plea deal, you have to remember that you are admitting that you did the crime. You will have to deal with all of the consequences that come with a conviction. This is a lot to handle so make sure you take the time to consider it all.

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