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Tips to stay focused behind the wheel

Driving, especially in New York, can be very dangerous. This is why it is important to stay focused behind the wheel. While cellphone use has brought distracted driving to the forefront when it comes to accident causes, the reality is that anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road is a distraction.

In the few seconds that it takes you to change the radio station in your car, you could become involved in an accident that you might have been able to avoid if you had not taken your eyes off the road.

By limiting distractions in your own car, you can decrease your risk of having a car accident the next time you drive in and around the city. These tips can help you avoid distracted driving.

Turn the phone off

If even having the phone on in your car is enough to tempt to you to check your text messages or answer calls while you are driving, then take the leap and turn it off. At the very least, you should put it in a place where you cannot reach it easily. Any calls or texts that you received while you were on the road can wait until you get to your destination.

Don't multitask

Before you put your car into drive, take the time to organize yourself. For instance, if you need to program your GPS or adjust your seat or mirrors, do not try to do this while you are driving. By getting your driving atmosphere organized before you start moving, you will not have to take your eyes off the road as much during your commute.

Use your passengers

If you have passengers in the car or a co-pilot, put them to work. Let them reprogram the GPS or take responsibility for the radio settings. Your passengers have both hands free and do not have to keep their eyes on the road.

Keep the conversation to a minimum

Even though you can use your passengers to take care of certain tasks while you are driving, they can also be a distraction. For instance, while you are driving is not the time to have a serious and in-depth conversation. Save serious discussions for a time when you are not behind the wheel.

While the above tips can help you stay safe while you are driving, other people may not be taking the same precautions in order to avoid distracted driving. If you become the victim of a distracted driver, you might be able to file a claim for your injuries and the damages to your car.

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