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Accidentally breaking a bone can be expensive

When you get into a serious accident, whether it's a slip-and-fall or a motor vehicle crash, there are a host of life-altering injuries that can result. People often view spinal cord injuries, as well as traumatic brain injuries, as the most severe and frightening accidental injuries possible.

Victims who walk away from accidents with only broken bones may feel grateful for avoiding a worst-case scenario. However, you should not discount how other injuries, especially broken bones, can impact your quality of life and financial stability for many weeks or even months.

Fractures take time to heal

Like many serious injuries, fractured bones can take weeks or months to fully heal. There are many different kinds of fractures, and they range in severity. Simple fractures involve a single break in a bone. Compound fractures involve a broken bone that also forces its way through the skin. Partial fractures may result in hairline breaks, while complete brakes mean that the bone has separated into different pieces as a result of the fracture.

Fractures can also be displaced, meaning that the bones no longer line up properly, or non-displaced, which are often the simplest to set. Depending on the kind of fracture, healing may require a cast, surgery, physical therapy or a combination of all of these treatments. Different bones in the body can also take different amounts of time to heal. Recovery of your initial strength, flexibility and range of motion may take six months or longer.

Fractures can cost a lot of money

While a broken bone may not require a neurosurgeon for repair, it will still be expensive to treat. In many cases, there will be emergency transportation to a hospital, followed by trauma care and evaluation. X-rays and other imaging tests may be necessary to determine the extent of the injury and devise the best course of treatment.

From there, the bone may be set and a cast applied. Other times, surgery is required. In severe fractures, metal rods or other stabilizers may have to be inserted into the body while the bone heals. After all of that is done, the patient will still require physical therapy to regain full use of the broken limb after the bone knits.

All of these expenses, combined with the potential for significant missed work while you recover, can add up to a financially devastating situation. If someone else has caused a car accident or you were hurt on someone else's property or in a business, you may have options for seeking compensation. Your lost wages, medical expenses and even property damage related to the accident could all be recoverable costs.

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