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August 2018 Archives

“Black boxes” may help resolve truck accident claims

As soon as the news media learns about a plane crash, part of the narrative is usually asking about when exactly the investigators will locate the plane's "black box," which records crucial flight data and is also manufactured to survive a crash. While it may seem cliche at this point, recovering the black box after plane crash is often an essential part of piecing together exactly what caused the accident in the first place.

Had a car accident? Go see a doctor

When a car accident occurs, the parties involved often focus on identifying immediate injuries and documenting the scene of the accident before the cleaning crews show up. This is a reasonable response, especially considering that once the cleanup crews arrive to clear the road, most of the evidence of what happened may disappear. However, people who experience car accidents may not realize that many internal injuries do not cause pain immediately, even if they are quite serious.

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