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Had a car accident? Go see a doctor

When a car accident occurs, the parties involved often focus on identifying immediate injuries and documenting the scene of the accident before the cleaning crews show up. This is a reasonable response, especially considering that once the cleanup crews arrive to clear the road, most of the evidence of what happened may disappear. However, people who experience car accidents may not realize that many internal injuries do not cause pain immediately, even if they are quite serious.

Any time that you experience a car accident, you should go see a doctor afterwards. If you're lucky, you may not have any injuries at all, but if not, you may catch a serious injury before it gets much worse. If a doctor does find a hidden injury, this should factor into any injury or damage claim that you file after the accident.

Don't take abdominal pain lightly

Abdominal pain after a car accident may indicate a few serious conditions, two of which are actually life-threatening. While some abdominal pain occurs because of delayed soreness in abdominal muscles from the accident, it may also indicate organ failure or an internal infection. If one of your organs suffers some harm in the accident, you don't feel it immediately because the body is working to heal itself. However, if your body does not heal it naturally, the organ may fail, and once one organ fails, the rest tend to follow. Death by organ failure is not quick and is very painful.

It is also possible for an internal injury to develop an infection. You might not feel some very small internal injury, but as the site of the injury grows the infection, you'll begin to feel it. At this point, the infection may spread to your entire body through your bloodstream, which is once again deadly and painful.

Protect yourself with immediate medical care

After any car accident, one of the wisest things you can do is seek a full medical examination from a medical professional. Not only does this keep you healthy and potentially identify life-threatening conditions, it also helps you build a strong claim if injuries did occur in the accident.

Pursuing a successful injury claim takes time, and the sooner you begin building your claim, the better. It may take months to piece together how the accident occurred and which injuries you suffered in it. Protect your rights and best interests with a carefully constructed claim that puts your needs first and keeps your priorities secure.

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