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How scars change a life: More than appearance

When you think of scars, you probably think of smaller injuries that probably needed stitches or healed incorrectly. They have a different texture and appearance than normal skin, but they're otherwise harmless.

The reality is that significant scarring has a more serious impact on your life. The scars might make it hard to bend or move, and they may disfigure you. They're potentially painful, and the skin may not have good elasticity.

Scars are more than healed injuries

Scars tell a story about what has happened to a person's body. They have the potential to impact how a person moves, and they can be a sign that the person experiences pain of some form regularly.

Scars have the potential to limit mobility and cause pain in areas of the body that don't show signs of injury in any way. That means that someone who is struggling with scars may also struggle to stand, walk and move.

What stage of healing is a scar in?

Contrary to what you may believe, a scar actually isn't the end of the healing process. During the last stage of healing, scars are formed. The skin begins to remodel underneath, which takes years upon years. Over time, the changes in collagen in the connective fascia get stronger under the scar. That's good for avoiding a reopening of the wound, but it leads to a loss of elasticity. Scars also lessen the overall nerve communication to the body, so they may feel different than other areas of skin. It is normal for a person to have restricted movement and pain around the original injury site of a scar.

What should people do if they suffer significant scarring?

People who struggle with scarring should be working with therapists and medical providers who can help them break down scarred tissues and work toward healthier skin rejuvenation. Some people benefit from massage therapy, which manipulates tissues and helps break down scar tissue. Others require medications to block pain and help with mobility.

If you suffer significant scarring, it is in your best interests to look into all available medical options. Scars can have a lasting impact on your life and change your ability to do the things you love. It is important that you get the newest, most advanced medical care for any injuries you suffer, so you can reduce the likelihood of developing scars that impact your life.

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