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Know your rights if you're involved in a taxi crash

You chose to take a taxi home because of the risk of being too intoxicated to drive. You had a great time out with friends, but you don't want to put anyone in danger. From your perspective, you're doing everything right.

What you didn't expect is that the taxi driver would end up getting in a crash. Now, even though you chose to let someone else take you home safely, you're left with injuries. You can't go to work, can't participate in activities with your loved ones and aren't able to do the things you love.

What can you do after you're in a taxi accident?

After a taxi crash, it's important to know your rights as a passenger. You'll want to find out if the driver is insured and independent or insured and working through an agency or overhead company.

Taxi drivers are considered to be common carriers. These are entities who transport people or goods from place to place. They're required to exercise the highest degree of care to make sure that their passengers get home safely.

These carriers can be held liable if they cause a crash that results in injuries. In the case that the taxi driver is not at fault, the at-fault driver is the person you'll want to hold liable for the crash.

Are witnesses important in taxi-crash scenarios?

To a degree, it is important, because you'll have to prove that the carrier was the one who caused the collision and should therefore be held liable for the collision. An eyewitness's testimony may help guarantee that the taxi driver is proven responsible for the crash, so that you can hold them liable through an insurance claim.

Other evidence that can help support your claim includes photographs of the scene, pictures of your injuries, documents from your hospital stay, police records and other documents related to the crash.

If you are injured while using a common carrier, it is important to head to the hospital right away. Get a medical exam and make sure you're fit to go home. The carrier is responsible for making sure your medical bills are paid, since they're liable for the safety of their passengers. You deserve to seek all the medical treatment you need as well as being able to seek a claim for compensation due to missing work or events, being in pain or having to travel for procedures.

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