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Broken bones: Myths you should know

As someone who has experienced ankle or foot injuries in an accident, you should know that there are many myths about treatment and recovery. Broken bones have the potential to significantly impact you and to cause disabilities in your life if not treated well.

Warmer spring weather brings with it the risk of a bike accident

For many people, the real sign that spring has sprung is the ability to cruise around town on a bicycle without a dozen protective layers of warm clothing. In many respects, New York is a relatively bike-friendly city. New York City has carefully tracked bike accident statistics and taken steps to reduce serious injuries and deaths to cyclists around the city. It's no wonder that so many people enjoy two-wheeled transportation in the City.

Tips to stay focused behind the wheel

Driving, especially in New York, can be very dangerous. This is why it is important to stay focused behind the wheel. While cellphone use has brought distracted driving to the forefront when it comes to accident causes, the reality is that anything that causes you to take your eyes off the road is a distraction.

3 tips to help you negotiate with an insurance adjuster

Imagine driving across New York on your way to work when suddenly, out of nowhere, another driver runs a red light and slams into the side of your car. Now, you have to miss work, figure out where to take your car for repairs and make a trip to the doctor to have your injuries assessed. The was certainly not how you intended to start your week.

Spinal cord injuries from accidents can change your life

Getting into a serious car accident or getting struck by a vehicle when you're walking or on a bicycle can result in serious injuries. Sometimes, injuries can be simple and likely to heal with time, like broken bones. Other times, the injuries can last for the rest of your life. In cases where you experience damage to your spinal cord, without intensive treatment, the results of the injury may last forever. If you or someone you love suffered spinal cord injuries as the result of a motor vehicle accident, pedestrian accident or biking accident, you need to speak with an experienced New York personal injury attorney.

Tackling Taxi Accidents: A New Yorker's Guide

You knew that taxi accidents happened on the busy streets in New York, but you never thought you'd be involved in one. You may be unsure of who is to blame and how you'll pay your medical bills--is it the taxi company or the driver? The following is a guide about what happens next if you've been in an accident involving a taxi. 

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