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Man suffers brain injuries in New York motorcycle crash

The body works in miraculous ways. However, brain injuries are often difficult from which to recover. Even those who survive an injury to their head may face long-term physical and mental consequences as a result. Unfortunately, a man in New York is in critical condition following a motorcycle crash.

New York fight leads to brain injuries; lawsuit settled

Many professional athletes spend a great deal of their time training for their next performance. While they are likely aware of their chances of suffering an injury, most have confidence in the fact that adequate medical care providers will be on scene to help. Unfortunately, the family of a boxer claims that such was not the case after a fight in New York resulted in brain injuries.

3 things you should know about skull fractures

When you hit your head in the car accident, you knew it was sore. What you didn't initially realize was that you'd suffered a skull fracture. That fracture left you open to infection and swelling and fluid buildup around your brain, which could result in serious complications.

Common causes and risks of TBIs

Even a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be caused by a seemingly minor accident. Since falls are actually the leading cause of TBIs, people that are 75 or older are the leading at-risk group for TBIs that result in hospitalization and death because of a fall. However, anyone or any age can suffer a TBI after a fall.

Child suffers brain injuries at rotating restaurant

For many people in New York, a family trip is a time to create fun-filled memories that will last forever. No one expects that the decision to travel will end in tragedy. Unfortunately, an event in another state has left one family grieving the loss of their son after he suffered brain injuries.

New York car crash causes brain injuries -- charges filed

Most people likely expect that a friend will go to great lengths to protect their safety, or at the very least, abstain from behaviors that could harm them. Unfortunately, two young men are currently in the hospital suffering from brain injuries after New York authorities say that a driver who was reportedly the friend of the victims caused a serious accident. The driver now faces multiple charges.

After a car accident, watch for these symptoms

Here's a scenario: you are in a car accident (maybe just a fender bender), but you don't feel like you have any serious injuries, so you decide not to go to the hospital. But one week later, you notice that you have been getting headaches and aren't feeling like your normal self.

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