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Sports Can Combat Addiction And Crime

Drug addiction can not only wreak havoc on someone's personal and professional life, it can also lead to criminal charges. For example, someone who was injured in a construction accident through no fault of their own could become addicted to prescribe opioid painkillers.

Ways you might be committing health care fraud

As a doctor in New York, you are probably used to hectic days where, by the time you are leaving for the day, it is hard to tell up from down. While you devote your full attention to every patient in order to provide the healing they need, you may rush through the administrative part of the job.

Body camera footage allegedly shows police misconduct

Police in New York and other areas of the country are often committed to providing protection from people they believe have committed a crime. However, an officer's belief that a crime has been committed is not sufficient proof to gain a conviction -- or even lead to an arrest. Unfortunately, police footage from an incident in another state reportedly reveals police misconduct -- footage allegedly shows an officer planting evidence that ultimately led to a man's arrest.

Criminal law: Woman charged after child wanders New York streets

Children often behave in unpredictable ways. In some cases, a child may become lost due to no fault of a caregiver, for example, and is not a matter of criminal law. Unfortunately, police in New York claim that a daycare worker left a young child unattended, resulting in the child allegedly roaming the streets alone.

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