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Police misbehavior includes unlawful arrest and excessive force

In many situations, people are glad to see police. When you call for help because of a motor vehicle collision or an intruder in your home, those flashing lights can provide a sense of security or relief. For other people, however, the presence of law enforcement can mean imminent danger.

Family claims shooting was police misconduct

There is no question that the police have difficult jobs. They are often tasked with inserting themselves between two clashing sides and disarming those with guns or other lethal weapons. Unfortunately, stories alleging police misconduct in New York and across the country seem to fill the media these days. For example, a family in another state recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit after their son was reportedly shot and run over in an incident involving police officers.

Man alleges police misconduct after years in prison

Police in New York and across the country are supposed to be the people who are there to help following a crime. Most are dedicated to finding the truth and seeking justice. However, there are others who are unscrupulous in the pursuit of a guilty verdict, sometimes resulting in a wrongful conviction. Victims of these actions are often left wondering how to respond to such police misconduct.

Lawsuit claims woman's Tasing was police misconduct

Most police officers in New York and across the country are professionals who are dedicated to protecting people. However, some can make controversial decisions that are not merited by the situation. For example, a woman in another state has recently filed a police misconduct lawsuit as a result of what she describes as "excessive force."

Shooting of teenager potential case of police misconduct

Police officers in New York and across the country often put their lives in jeopardy to protect others. Unfortunately, they can also make poor decisions in regard to the use of lethal force that can result in the unnecessary loss of a life. Victims of such police misconduct, potentially including family members in the event of a fatality, are often uncertain how to ensure that justice is served.

New York City settles police misconduct lawsuit

There is no doubt that police officers in New York and other areas of the country have a difficult job. As part of their daily activities, they are tasked with preventing crime and apprehending suspected criminals. Most officers are dedicated to their jobs, but some may fail to follow proper procedures during times of stress and chaos, resulting in injuries to a suspect or unsupported charges. For example, the city of New York has recently settled a lawsuit filed by basketball player Thabo Sefolosha, alleging police misconduct.

City settles lawsuit alleging police misconduct

Police officers in New York and across the country have a sworn duty to serve and protect their communities. While the vast majority are hardworking and dedicated to enforcing the law, some engage in behavior that is harmful to others and potentially violates their constitutional rights. In some cases, victims of police misconduct and their families have no other path to justice other than filing a civil lawsuit.

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